Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Octoberfest in Choctaw

I found this website for local events going on here in the city. Well Octoberfest at the Choctaw park caught my eye. Tanner and I invited Amy and Kyle to go with us for an eventful evening.

The guys were a little grippy when they saw all the traffic and people but we ended up having a good time!

You buy eveything with tickets. A sheet of tickets is $20.00. We bought $40.00 worth thinking it would last us awhile.... well we were wrong!! ONE pitcher of German Beer was $26.00!! HOLY COW! But it was awfully good.

We also enjoyed brats with sourcrawt on potato bread YUM-O!!!!

Kyle loved the beer and brat mustard

We heard the chicken dance and loved taking pics with the locals who dressed up!

I would rate this an 8 and probally go back again!

Eureka Springs

I just got home from Eureka Springs what a lovely place to visit! My best friend got married on Beaver Lake and we ended up tuning it in to a girl's weekend. On the way to their we stopped at The Mill. It is actually a working grain mill. I loved the one lane wooden bridge the best.

After having lunch, we were back on the road to Eureka. The roads going into the town are so twisty and turny! If the sign says 15 mph curve, it means it!

We stayed on Beaver Lake at a place called Pointe West. We had an amazing view from our balcony.

The town itself is so quaint and nice. Everyone has a smile on their face! I loved walking around and shopping on the streets. It was a little rainy the first day but turned out to be beautiful on Sunday. I am going to rank this location as #2 on my favorite most visited spots. (#1 being Cozumel of course) I don't suggest the Rowdy Beaver, it wasn't rowdy, but LOUD AS HELL!!!

I did enjoy the Pied Piper. Their bathroom walls were chalk boards and I loved the phrases! I actually took these pics in the boys room because the girl's room was occupied! I will be doing this in the man's room for Tanner. I love the idea!

We had lunch at the Local Flavor, it was a nice outdoor cafe.

I had a delicious goat cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich. Their specialty is cream cheese stuffed french toast. This painting was in their entry way and I will be painting one in my next home. I love it!

Walking the streets was the best part. There were some great shops along Main and Spring Street. I love the architecture and how the building were built in the slopes of the street.

I am thinking about making this arrangement in my big pot on our front porch.

Here a couple of the wedding pics:


WHO in there right mind would do this to their vehicle?????? OMG!!!