Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kentucky Derby

It has been WAY TOOOOOOOOO long since I have blogged!!!! There has been so much going on since New Years!!
I wanted to post a link:
(or click on the post title)
that a fellow blogger posted to share with everyone. She is the new MRS. OKLAHOMA and was a judge at the Remington Park's Kentucky Derby hat contest. (That I happened to win) She is a fabulous woman who supports a wonderful cause. Please check out Alyssa Siler's link and blog page!!
I promise when I get home form vacation next week to post LOTS of new posts about what has been going on in the Morrissey household and a few decorating tips!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mantels are the NEW headboard

As we all know I love AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART. Foe those of who do not know what it is... it is 7 buildings at our local fairgrounds packed full of arts, crafts, floral arrangements, jewelry, clothes and items from market. If you can dream it, it it exists at AAOTH.

Well 2 years ago my mom bought a gorgeous metal mantel for our lake house. I never gave it any more thought until now. Tanner and I were given a new king size bed (thanks Burt Palu and Serta) for a wedding gift. Well, needless to say, we have no frame yet. We use a Hollywood frame. Why have we waited for 18 months? King size bed frames as SUPER expensive, especially the Maitland Smith ones I keep eyeing! Mr. T has said no to all my picks. Can't blame him $4000.00 is a tad much!

So, this past AAOTH, I went and bought us a mantel to hang as a headboard. I thought it was the BEST idea ever! I only spent $80.00 and I am happier than ever! Then 2 days later I received my Better Home and Gardens magazine and low and behold... An entire article on using MANTELS AS HEADBOARDS!!!! I am too smart for my own good!! I always tell Mr.T "I could decorate professionally", and this time, he actually thought I was onto something!

I decided to post some pics of my mantel...err I mean headboard. Also I included some links for you too enjoy.

Our headboard:

After I saw the newest issue of BHG, I decided to post to show you other mantels as headboards. I love the shabby chic look, so this was the perfect solutions for me. Here are some favorites that I came across. Enjoy and hopefully I have inspired you to buy a vintage mantle at the next flea market, or a metal headboard at your local craft fair!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Wow! I came home to Tanner cooking 4 pounds of crab legs! Who wouldn't be thrilled? We all know how much I LOVE crab legs, but 4 pounds? I didn't think we could do it, but we (OK Tanner had most of them) finished all but 2 legs!!! Here are the super easy directions:

1. Allow them to thaw in the bag for 20-30 minutes.

2. Light candle and melt 2-3 teaspoons of butter over a flame.

3. Bring a large stock pot 2/3 full of water to a rapid boil. We added 2 tablespoons of sea salt to taste.

4. Boil 7 minutes

5. Place on a large serving platter and DIG IN!!!

After 25 minutes of chowing down we had accomplished out goal! Well, almost all of it. Time to toss out the shells and take out the trash, no one likes a fishy and stinky kitchen!!

I want to give a special thanks you to Rod, Kim and Conner Morrissey. They are Tanner's Uncle, Aunt and Cousin who live in Las Vegas. They gave us this awesome wedding gift so we could enjoy crab legs at home. The platter, strainers, butter melter, and cocktail forks are one of the BEST and useful gifts ever!! THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Master Bath

Hanging out in the laundry room got a tad boring, so onto the master bath! I decided this area was worse than I thought!! Mr. T is always asking where the soap and shaving cream is hidden. Well it isn't hidden just jumbled in this mess of stuff.

I already had the clear jars (from Target) which were left over from the pantry. I then headed off to DG (Dollar General) for some cheap baskets. I measured the shelves and off I went. To my surprise, they had inexpensive baskets that would fit perfectly! They came with this god-awful fabric lining, so I cut it out and used the basket "naked". I figured this was better anyway, so I could see the contents inside.

Here is our messy cabinet before:

So I thought I was done with this project, but it was missing something....

I know... I missing my famous LABELS!!! I thought the see through baskets would be enough, but some items are too small to be seen so......hang tags to the rescue!!

No more questioning where items are, everything has a place!

And don't forget the drawers!! We have 8 total but here is a sampling of just one:

I had already lined the drawers, but the liner was squished beneath out mess.

Here are a few samples of how the drawers turned out.

Bobbypins and hair ties now have there own cubby!

A spot for everything!

The clear plastic containers are also from Target.

I forgot to take before pics of the under sink area, but you probally can guess what it looked like!

Even the cleaners have a new basket to keep them organized!

Just for your enjoyment, I'll include a couple pics of the whole master bathroom so you can see the full view!

For the products that we use daily, I have them placed on a ceramic Italian tray(actually made for the kitchen) between our double sinks.

I feel so much better knowing that everything is in place and I am proud to report that a month later, it STILL IS ORGANIZED!!!!!

Laundry Room is next!

We all have one... a laundry room. Our cabinets were full of laundry detergent and a TONS OF JUNK!!! Why does everything accumulate in here? This was my next task. It didn't take as long as the pantry but the finished product was just as amazing!

Before Pictures:

Light bulbs everywhere!

Medicine is just thrown into a clear show box, so classy!

After Pics:

We don't drink coffee much, so I hide it here so my counter top in the kitchen is not so cluttered.

Ahhh, much better!

I ended up not being happy with the top two shelves, so I decided to use that space as storage for paper towels. We usually keep them in garage on a couple of shelves, but this way I free up 2 shelves in the garage and have them handy in the house!