Sunday, January 31, 2010

Master Bath

Hanging out in the laundry room got a tad boring, so onto the master bath! I decided this area was worse than I thought!! Mr. T is always asking where the soap and shaving cream is hidden. Well it isn't hidden just jumbled in this mess of stuff.

I already had the clear jars (from Target) which were left over from the pantry. I then headed off to DG (Dollar General) for some cheap baskets. I measured the shelves and off I went. To my surprise, they had inexpensive baskets that would fit perfectly! They came with this god-awful fabric lining, so I cut it out and used the basket "naked". I figured this was better anyway, so I could see the contents inside.

Here is our messy cabinet before:

So I thought I was done with this project, but it was missing something....

I know... I missing my famous LABELS!!! I thought the see through baskets would be enough, but some items are too small to be seen so......hang tags to the rescue!!

No more questioning where items are, everything has a place!

And don't forget the drawers!! We have 8 total but here is a sampling of just one:

I had already lined the drawers, but the liner was squished beneath out mess.

Here are a few samples of how the drawers turned out.

Bobbypins and hair ties now have there own cubby!

A spot for everything!

The clear plastic containers are also from Target.

I forgot to take before pics of the under sink area, but you probally can guess what it looked like!

Even the cleaners have a new basket to keep them organized!

Just for your enjoyment, I'll include a couple pics of the whole master bathroom so you can see the full view!

For the products that we use daily, I have them placed on a ceramic Italian tray(actually made for the kitchen) between our double sinks.

I feel so much better knowing that everything is in place and I am proud to report that a month later, it STILL IS ORGANIZED!!!!!

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