Friday, October 30, 2009

Rice Krispie Treats!

I made my own version of Rice Krispie's last night for my Halloween party. I made them exactly according to the direction except for a few things:

1. I added red and yellow food coloring to make them turn orange
2. I added 6 drops of Vanilla Extract for more flavor

*Allow them to cool for about 5 minutes, I shaped them into small round balls

*Place a pretzel stick inside to make a steam. I didn't have sticks, so I broke pretzels into pieces. I think they look more like steams since they are curvy.

*I used green icing in a tube with a leaf tip to make the leaves.

How cute are these??? I love the way they turned out!!!

**NOTE** They actually are the darker orange color, my camera flash screwed up the true color.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am constantly looking online and stores for inspiration on decorating. I decided to share some of my finds from along the way. Most of these came from, some I have been collecting for so long, I have no idea where I got them. Enjoy!

I am doing this at my grandma's house. I love the look of framed necklaces and old antique glasses.

This whole room is my dream laundry. I LOVE the rabbit weathervane and the rod to hang clothes. How cute is the granite table top and architure table?

I thought this bookcase was interesting. I also like the collection of bottles on the table. I have gone to 3 flea markets and can't locate cheap bottles. I want the ones wrapped in wicker. The cheapest I have found was $18-$25 per bottle.

Basket under a table. I have since done this and filled it with doggie toys.

I am in the market for a new armoire. I am leanig towards black, but natural wood would work too. I like the simplicity of this room.

This metal art work is all over my home. I like the idea of placing it above a door. I might have to make a trip to HL for another!

So many homes I see now have corner fireplaces, this room is elegantly designed. I like the marble floors with a rug to soften the room.

If you have ever been to my home, you know that I love groupings. Here are a couple of ideas for furute reference.

LOVE this frame with mini frames!!

I am still debating if I like this next pic. I like the idea of displaying wine bottles, but do I really like this way? I like the one on the left best.

One of my favorite stores EVER!! The Market. Most of my furniture has the same country french leg of this table

I now know what to do with garage sale wicker chairs. Spray paint them and place a girlie pillow in them. I think this would be darling in a sunroom.

I think the chair and table covering is adorable. I love the whole set up, kinda girlie, kinda cute, fashionable, and yet functional.

This will be one of my next DIY projects. I am still on the hunt for a small chair. I believe this would be adorable in a little girl's room. Oh the possibilites!

my. dream. closet.

I like the "curtains" on the doorway

In our next home, I will have this same room! I LOVE the look of matching twin beds!

Great grouping of pillows!

Again- I love everything about this room! It is light and airy. Not my colors but maybe I could change that?!?!?

Cute play house? A place to do my crafts? Tanner would proablly not allow this in the backyard, but I could work on him!

And last but not least. Love the curtains!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! It is fun to go on a "HUNT" for items and then place them in your own home. My next post will be actual pics of our home. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Invites


We are having a Halloween party at the lake. I am making the invites along with some of the decorations. I decided to post step by step instructions since there are some nesties who were questioning invites on the Entertaining board. These are super easy to make, I finished 10 in 30 minutes.

Supplies for (36 invites)
Vellum- 9 sheets
Orange card stock- 9 sheets
1 Pkg. googly eyes (Pkg of 80)
4 rolls black ribbon (3 yards each)
Hole Punch
Fabric glue or hot glue

1. I typed the wording out on Microsoft Word and printed it out on vellum paper. 4 invites per page.

2. I then took 12x12 orange scrapbook paper and cut it into 6" squares. Again 4 per page.

3. I hole punched 2 holes in the top

4. Threaded the black ribbon through the holes
5. Tied bow

6. Glued googly eyes on!

7. End result!! The once plain black ribbon now looks like a flying bat!!