Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am constantly looking online and stores for inspiration on decorating. I decided to share some of my finds from along the way. Most of these came from, some I have been collecting for so long, I have no idea where I got them. Enjoy!

I am doing this at my grandma's house. I love the look of framed necklaces and old antique glasses.

This whole room is my dream laundry. I LOVE the rabbit weathervane and the rod to hang clothes. How cute is the granite table top and architure table?

I thought this bookcase was interesting. I also like the collection of bottles on the table. I have gone to 3 flea markets and can't locate cheap bottles. I want the ones wrapped in wicker. The cheapest I have found was $18-$25 per bottle.

Basket under a table. I have since done this and filled it with doggie toys.

I am in the market for a new armoire. I am leanig towards black, but natural wood would work too. I like the simplicity of this room.

This metal art work is all over my home. I like the idea of placing it above a door. I might have to make a trip to HL for another!

So many homes I see now have corner fireplaces, this room is elegantly designed. I like the marble floors with a rug to soften the room.

If you have ever been to my home, you know that I love groupings. Here are a couple of ideas for furute reference.

LOVE this frame with mini frames!!

I am still debating if I like this next pic. I like the idea of displaying wine bottles, but do I really like this way? I like the one on the left best.

One of my favorite stores EVER!! The Market. Most of my furniture has the same country french leg of this table

I now know what to do with garage sale wicker chairs. Spray paint them and place a girlie pillow in them. I think this would be darling in a sunroom.

I think the chair and table covering is adorable. I love the whole set up, kinda girlie, kinda cute, fashionable, and yet functional.

This will be one of my next DIY projects. I am still on the hunt for a small chair. I believe this would be adorable in a little girl's room. Oh the possibilites!

my. dream. closet.

I like the "curtains" on the doorway

In our next home, I will have this same room! I LOVE the look of matching twin beds!

Great grouping of pillows!

Again- I love everything about this room! It is light and airy. Not my colors but maybe I could change that?!?!?

Cute play house? A place to do my crafts? Tanner would proablly not allow this in the backyard, but I could work on him!

And last but not least. Love the curtains!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! It is fun to go on a "HUNT" for items and then place them in your own home. My next post will be actual pics of our home. Stay tuned!

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