Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Invites


We are having a Halloween party at the lake. I am making the invites along with some of the decorations. I decided to post step by step instructions since there are some nesties who were questioning invites on the Entertaining board. These are super easy to make, I finished 10 in 30 minutes.

Supplies for (36 invites)
Vellum- 9 sheets
Orange card stock- 9 sheets
1 Pkg. googly eyes (Pkg of 80)
4 rolls black ribbon (3 yards each)
Hole Punch
Fabric glue or hot glue

1. I typed the wording out on Microsoft Word and printed it out on vellum paper. 4 invites per page.

2. I then took 12x12 orange scrapbook paper and cut it into 6" squares. Again 4 per page.

3. I hole punched 2 holes in the top

4. Threaded the black ribbon through the holes
5. Tied bow

6. Glued googly eyes on!

7. End result!! The once plain black ribbon now looks like a flying bat!!


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