Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Octoberfest in Choctaw

I found this website for local events going on here in the city. Well Octoberfest at the Choctaw park caught my eye. Tanner and I invited Amy and Kyle to go with us for an eventful evening.

The guys were a little grippy when they saw all the traffic and people but we ended up having a good time!

You buy eveything with tickets. A sheet of tickets is $20.00. We bought $40.00 worth thinking it would last us awhile.... well we were wrong!! ONE pitcher of German Beer was $26.00!! HOLY COW! But it was awfully good.

We also enjoyed brats with sourcrawt on potato bread YUM-O!!!!

Kyle loved the beer and brat mustard

We heard the chicken dance and loved taking pics with the locals who dressed up!

I would rate this an 8 and probally go back again!

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