Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mantels are the NEW headboard

As we all know I love AN AFFAIR OF THE HEART. Foe those of who do not know what it is... it is 7 buildings at our local fairgrounds packed full of arts, crafts, floral arrangements, jewelry, clothes and items from market. If you can dream it, it it exists at AAOTH.

Well 2 years ago my mom bought a gorgeous metal mantel for our lake house. I never gave it any more thought until now. Tanner and I were given a new king size bed (thanks Burt Palu and Serta) for a wedding gift. Well, needless to say, we have no frame yet. We use a Hollywood frame. Why have we waited for 18 months? King size bed frames as SUPER expensive, especially the Maitland Smith ones I keep eyeing! Mr. T has said no to all my picks. Can't blame him $4000.00 is a tad much!

So, this past AAOTH, I went and bought us a mantel to hang as a headboard. I thought it was the BEST idea ever! I only spent $80.00 and I am happier than ever! Then 2 days later I received my Better Home and Gardens magazine and low and behold... An entire article on using MANTELS AS HEADBOARDS!!!! I am too smart for my own good!! I always tell Mr.T "I could decorate professionally", and this time, he actually thought I was onto something!

I decided to post some pics of my mantel...err I mean headboard. Also I included some links for you too enjoy.

Our headboard:

After I saw the newest issue of BHG, I decided to post to show you other mantels as headboards. I love the shabby chic look, so this was the perfect solutions for me. Here are some favorites that I came across. Enjoy and hopefully I have inspired you to buy a vintage mantle at the next flea market, or a metal headboard at your local craft fair!


  1. Lovely! You and i are ahead of our time-hehe.

  2. I have 2 of those in my living room with cute decorative things on them. I have thought about getting one to put over our king size bed but I have a huge piece of metal ware over it and it looks great. Not sure if I will really ever have an acutal head board or foot board for our king bed since they are pricey and a piece I would get tired of after awhile. Anyways, I have the same gold picture frame on my mantel over my couch; we have good taste girl! I love your leopard pillows; I am thinking about getting into sewing to make my own pillows for our deb since I can't find any I like.

  3. OMG.... I just love all of you ideas.. the headboards are too cute... Organization is something I need in a bad way lol... my cabinets would scare you lol.... so I just love your page and ideas... marcy