Monday, November 9, 2009

Landscaping Before and Afters

I have convienced T that we need to do some updating and renovating at the house. We started with the outside first. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, why not?? I was up at 8, brushed my teeth and headed out!

We had already gone to Lowe's for mulch on Saturday, so I tackled the bush trimming while T slept in. After 2 hours, he crawled outta bed and helped me by cleaning the gutters. It is a lot easier to take the blower on the roof and blow the leaves out...such a manly job!

Then we were onto leaf removal! Boy did we have a ton of them! With 5 trees in our front yard, we are always up to our elbows in leaves! I hated to remove all the potato ivy from our flowerbeds, (it was looking so good) but I bit the bullet and did it! I would've gotten mushy in a week or two anyways...

Half way done and the wind started picking up. It was all I could do to keep the freshly cleaned flowerbeds cleared out.

Then when you get tired of bagging leafs... BLOW them away!

After 2 trips to Lowes, 22 bags of mulch, 2 blisters, 9 hours of work, and finally watering with the sprinkler system we were done! The FINAL PRODUCT:

I noticed how pretty the sky was turning, so I took some more pics. Hope you enjoy!

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