Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jewelry Organizer

Does anyone else have the same problem as me?? I discovered I have way too much costume jewelry!!! I never wear most of it because I can't see it when it is jumbled up in my jewelry box. I came up with an idea to display it forcing me to wear all the pieces. **NOTE** My good jewelry still hangs in my felt lined jewelry box for safe storage.

Cheap frames
Black spray paint
Cork board
Fabric of choice
Hot Glue Gun and sticks

1) I bought cheap frames from Big Lots. I didn't care what color they were, I just bought them for their shapes. 1 was pink, 1 was blue, a couple of gold ones and black too.

2) I broke out all the glass. (do this over the trashcan to avoid a big mess) Make sure to keep the metal clips in place, you will need them later.

3) Spray paint all the frames black, or what ever color is your choice. Let dry.

4) I went to Jo Ann's and bought cork board on a roll. I had a coupon for BOGO, so I purchased 2 rolls. Also purchased the T-pins at the same time.

5) As the paint was drying, I covered the cardboard backing from the pictures with cork. Just cut to size and glue into place.
***TIP*** For the frames that would hold my heavier necklaces, I doubled the cork for more stability.

6) Cover the cork with fabric of your choice. I had leopard on hand, so no expense there, BONUS!! I covered only the front and wrapped the edges by an inch then hot glued the edges down to the cardboard on the back. I ONLY glued down the edges on the front at each corner. I didn't want glue to show through the fabric or get in the way of my pins.

7) Re-insert the fabric covered cork and press the metal clips back into place.

8) I arranged the layout on the floor and then hung into place in my closet. I added a sconce above to finish it off.

9) I then hung my jewelry on T-pins (in the upholstery section at craft stores)

10) VIOLA!!! Homemade jewelry holders!!!

Upclose view

T-pins used for holders

See the missing necklace? Now I know where to hang it when I'm done wearing it!

I chose long frames for bracelets and short necklaces.(hung sideways) Then another one hung the proper way for my longer necklaces.

This whole project took me less than 2 hours start to finish, and less than $30 in supplies. Send me a pic of yours, I'd love to see the finished products. :)

Until the next project!


  1. Thank you! I loved that you used several different size frames and hung them all together. My collection keeps growing and this would solve the problem of how to deal with that. This looks nice enough to hang in my home office space. Now just to find the time to actually do it :)