Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shauna's painting skills in 5 EASY steps!

I found a unique piece of furniture at my favorite store Breezy's and decided it needed my touch! I couldn't pass up a good deal, $15 for this boring white hunk of wood. What to use it for... Use the shelves, take them out, towel holder in a guest bath, wine rack, the possibilities are endless! I opted for the wine rack. Here's the before and after!


1) I took out the shelves and sanded the whole piece.

2) I painted the whole thing dark red. If you have ever painted with red paint, you know that it takes numerous coats. The piece went from pink to dark red after 4 coats!

3) I let it dry overnight

4) I then painted the black accent marks. I wanted a distressed wood look. This process is a lot easier than you think! I started with a 2 inch wide DRY paint brush dipped in jet black paint. I lighted painted the top and then wiped the excess off with a damp paper towel. I continued with the shelves and then the overall piece itself. (Whole paint and wipe off process took less than 20 minutes)

5) Let dry and then insert the shelves.

AFTER: Pretty red and black wine rack!

This whole process took less than 3 hours, and was cheap! $15.00 initial investment, and $8.00 in paint. (I already had the sander and the sandpaper on hand). So, for $23.00 I have a great looking wine rack that would have cost LOTS more if I bought already finished. And who is to say that I would have found one that was red and black, and just my style?!?!

Gotta run, time to look for another project!

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