Monday, August 10, 2009

About time for an update

Well.... I am a little slow, we have been traveling alot, so I am ready to post new pics and posts!

The fourth of July was a blast! As always, we went to the lake for this fabulous holiday. I LOVE fireworks, so I was thrilled when Tanner returned from Cookson with a box full. He bought me my favorite- sparklers! They were the kind like we had at our wedding- really long lasting, but these changed colors! Mom and I had a blast with them. Tanner shot the others and boy did our dogs NOT like it! Molly wanted to attack them and poor Macy was shaking like a leaf.

You can't go to Lake Tenkiller without a little rain. Soooooo, of course it rained all day on Saturday. After a long day of circle of death on the front porch it cleared up. We all got loaded up in my parents boat and headed out on the water to watch the fireworks. Well after tying up with some friends, the rain and lighting started again. As you can see we all got a little wet! We soon headed back to Chicken Creek. By the time we loaded the boat it was clear skies again. We drove over to some friends house and watched their display. It was a good weekend altogether but definitely a wet one!

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