Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tanner's Office

When T was only 16 years old, he took the 8 hour drive to his family's annual "Hunting Season" in Elk Creek, Nebraska. His family is from there and a few still farm and live there. It is family tradition to head out before dawn and hunt until sundown. Well, 1999 was T's year. He spotted his deer, sighted it in, and took a shot. The deer took off over a hill. The guys jump in the truck and head towards it. T knew it was good shot, but man did that deer run!
As they topped the hill, there he was...dead. T had shot him dead center in his heart. So after a few hundreds dollars in a mounting and being at his parents house for years, he proudly was hung in T's home office today. I had to do some shifting of pictures and accesories. What do you think?

This picture is one of my most favorites. It is a beautiful country french landscape, hand painted oil. I bought it on sale at Tuesday Morning for only $39.00

I had to show an up close picture of the dog statue. He is so precious and also a sale item! I just love good deals on cute accesories!!!

This last pic is a wall grouping that I did right after we moved in. The only thing I changed was adding the "M" for my new last name. The golf picture is another original oil and the bear statue was a gift from my mother in law.

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