Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My 1st decorating project

MaMaw's House!!!

My MaMaw has the most awesome house! She is busting at the seams with antiques and very unique accessories. I was so excited to help her when she asked me for a new updated look. I started with the formal dining room, it was the easiest of all the rooms. Here are the before pictures:

The buffet is the focal point of the room, I love her antique lamp but something wasn't just right, and what about on top of the china cabinet #1? BORING!!!

I love her pub table, but the fake red roses have to go! I think the tea set needs to be moved.

China cabinet #2, needs something. I don't like the position of the clock. Needs to be turned sideways maybe?!?!
There is a china cabinet #3 but I forgot to take a before pic.

MANY ours later I had a finished product. What do you think???

I found the pineapple lamp on sale at JC Pennys for $50.00 I am tempted to go back and buy myself one! MaMaw is NOT a fan of greenery, but it adds so much to her once boring cabinet top. Don't you think?

Buffet is now home to the tea set. I didn't have time to polish it, so tarnished it sits. That is an all day project in itself!!

The newly decorated pub table is probably one of my most favorite spots in this room. The 3 red apples are my personal favorite.

Her yearbooks from back in the 50's are just enough to get the lamp up higher. Why have them sit in a closet? Let's see those vintage babies! The pitchers each have a story too. the purple one dates back to the 1930's.

China cabinet #2 only got a face lift on the top. I wasn't about to tackle the inside, it didn't bother me so much. The silver butter dish lid has a cow grazing on the top, I need to get a close up of his detail!

And last but not least, china cabinet #3. This is all the heirloom crystal. I was forbidden to open the doors and touch anything! I only rearranged the top.

Like I said before after many hours, this room has been completed. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner will now be eaten in style. I can't wait to show you the rest of the house!!!

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